Tim Tan Huynh

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American Dreamer: My Life in Fashion & Business

  • 18 Oct 2021
  • This autobiography chronicles the life of Tommy Hilfiger, an American icon of fashion. The book details the rise, fall, and (re)rise of his namesake company. It also details the experiences that had helped the man create the company.

Fictional Dystopias and The Last of Us

  • 28 Jul 2020
  • Their movie adaptations weren't blockbusters, but these two novels indirectly inspired one of the most popular, if overrated, video games of the past decade. I have read them.

On the Road

  • 15 Jun 2020
  • This 1957 novel is hailed as a literary classic and cultural landmark, but it's not something that I've enjoyed reading from start to finish.

Jurassic Park

  • 30 Jun 2019
  • It might dated and over-the-top in some ways, but the book that's led to the blockbuster movies is more intellectually engaging than any of them.

Casino Royale

  • 28 Apr 2019
  • The first James Bond book is good. Real good.

Green Eggs and Ham

  • 12 Mar 2018
  • I remember this book the most because it's the first book that I remember.

Animal Farm

  • 28 Dec 2017
  • Like any good allegory, this one is both ridiculous and relevant. Its story is bittersweetly ironic, considering the dual meaning of "revolution."


  • 26 Dec 2017
  • This comic-book series is at the pinnacle of its medium.


  • 7 Jan 2016
  • Reza Aslan's book separates Jesus the man from Jesus the myth and examines how the latter has developed. Because of the ancient topic, the author has to be detective, historian, and bard at the same.

Friday Night Lights

  • 14 Aug 2015
  • For a decade, I've been daydreaming about high-school football practices in the early-morning August heat of a dusty, west Texas town. I have this book, and its movie adaptation, to thank.