Tim Tan Huynh

D-Day, 80 years later

  • 6 Jun 2024
  • Take a moment to reflect upon this amazing and somber point in time.

I almost forgot the significance of this day. A few months ago, I watched an extensive YouTube series about this monumental event. The creators published it exactly one year ago. I wished they delayed the start of their entire review of the Second World War by one year. This way, their D-Day special would’ve coincided with its 80th anniversary. The 75th anniversary was a more noteworthy milestone, but I didn’t want to overlook this one.

I’ll probably be alive for the 100th anniversary. Few, if any, veterans will be around. Some people who are old enough to remember it will likely be alive, but will they? I’ve never met a D-Day veteran. But at least I exist in the same timeframe when they’re recounting their experiences. It’s privilege that future generations won’t recognize. This amazing operation will always be known as the turning point of the only “must-win” in modern history.