Tim Tan Huynh

Mad Men Season 7

  • 31 Mar 2015
  • My favorite drama this side of the year 2K will start to end in a week. Its popularity has waned a bit over the past few years, especially with the emergence of other shows, but I will be watching and writing anyway.

I can count, on one hand, the number of post-millennial TV shows that I watch or have watched. I’ve seen all episodes of Entourage and The Sopranos, which is technically a pre-millennial show. Besides Gomorra La Serie, which I watch by illegal means, the only still-running show that I watch is Mad Men; I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, or any of the other, more popular shows.

The Trailer

The trailer has a different vibe than the other live-action ones: the animation, sideburns, bell-bottoms, palette, and song all represent the late-60s to mid-70s, for better or worse. The most surprising aspects are Sally’s age and Roger’s sideburns. The least surprising aspects are Megan sporting the fashion of the era and Don, Betty, and Joan doing the opposite. Don is finally wearing a suit jacket with pants of a different color.

The Show

The first half of Season 7 ended shortly after the Apollo 11 moon landing, which happened in July 1969. The song in the trailer, “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross, was released in 1976. I’ve read speculation that the final seven episodes might span several years, like successive episodes might take place a year or two after the previous one. I’d rather not have abrupt time shifts, but I won’t be disappointed if it happens.