Tim Tan Huynh

New Year Resolutions

  • 1 Jan 2018
  • "Go for it!"

That will be my motto this year. It’s like “Just Do It,” except I’m not buying anything from Nike. The latter is reportedly the brainchild of Dan Wieden, whose ad agency is known for having the words, “Fail Harder” on a board at its headquarters in Portland. To better illustrate the point, the words are spelled using the negative space among 100,000 pushpins instead of using the pushpins themselves.

I’ve decided that the greatest failure is failing to try, and the second greatest failure is failing to try again. I’m going to embrace the idea of failing—with style, if possible—and be more adventurous. Somebody recently told me that I was being adventurous, which surprised me. I want to not be surprised when somebody says this type of thing. I might change the name of this blog to “Tim Adventurous.”

I’m also going to be more productive, which is somewhat related. Everyday, I’m going to list some tasks on a 3×5-inch index card and check them off as I do them. This way, I can see what I’ve actually accomplished. Part of this resolution is to be involved with more creative output. I’m going to read more books, write more posts, draw more sketches, edit more videos, and code more projects. I’ll need to make a schedule.

I’ve also started along the path to pursuing a dream that I’ve had for a while…