Tim Tan Huynh

Gomorra La Serie, episode 109

  • 27 Apr 2017
  • Genny moves forward with his ambitious plans but he unknowingly rankles Ciro, who uses an impressionable teenager to disrupt the prospect of peace and prosperity.

“Gelsomina Verde”

At the repair shop, Daniele is late for work. In Pietro’s office, Genny presides over a crowded meeting. He dismisses Michele’s presentation about the construction project and makes a deal with Tonino Russo, Conte’s envoy. Ciro points out that an auto dealership is in the way, and Genny’s friend explains that the owners, the Romano brothers, have declined to co-operate. Genny tells Ciro to solve the problem.

Daniele shows off with his motorbike outside the hair salon where his girlfriend Manu is working. After the meeting ends, Ciro and Rosario quietly complain about Genny’s newfound alliance and arrogance. Ciro hides his disgust, however, when he tells Russo to give his regards to Conte. Later, Rosario convinces Daniele to leave the repair shop. They meet Ciro at a hideout where he gives pistols and cash to Daniele, who shows a picture of Manu to Ciro.

The next day, Daniele takes the pistols to the roof of a building and hides them. In the evening, he visits Manu outside of her home and they make a date for the next evening. Daniele goes to his home where his older brother Massimo tries to ease their mother’s concerns about his work as Conte’s chauffeur. Massimo tells Daniele to take care of their mother and leaves.

The following day, Daniele brings the pistols and meets Ciro and Rosario near the Romanos’ dealership. The two men use the pistols to kill the handful of people who are inside. They leave and Daniele takes the pistols away. Ciro goes to the Savastano home and reports the news to Genny, who is meeting with Russo. Genny tells Russo that Ciro has “a head for war.” Ciro asks for clarification, so Genny explains that he is “a good soldier.”

At a banquet for Malamo’s daughter, Ciro and other gang members complain about Genny giving rackets to his friends. Ciro privately complains to Rosario about being viewed as merely a soldier. He looks at the unassuming Russo and talks about an earthquake metaphor that he had learned as an orphaned youth. He tells Rosario to contact Daniele and deceptively joins the revelry.

Later, Ciro drives Daniele to an abandoned building and teaches him to shoot a pistol. Next, Ciro takes him near Russo’s warehouse and identifies the man: Ciro claims that Russo is a debtor whom Genny wants dead. Daniele is instructed to kill Russo the next evening and to go home afterward. He gets more cash and is told be discrete. At a nightclub, though, he boasts to his friend Bruno about working for Genny and introduces him.

Daniele and Manu later hang out at an abandoned pool and make another date. Daniele goes to a jewelry store and pays cash for a ring. He then goes to Ciro’s hideout where Ciro gives him a pistol and a motorcycle. At night, Daniele surprises Russo in the man’s otherwise-empty warehouse. Daniele fatally shoots Russo, sneaks away, and discards the pistol. Later, after having had sex with Manu, Daniele gives the ring to her.

The couple go to a bar where Daniele watches a news report about Russo’s death and the impending war between gangs. Daniele calls Ciro, mentions his location, and complains about being misled. Ciro makes an excuse and tells him to go home as previously instructed. Daniele tells Manu that he’ll return later. Outside of his home, Daniele overhears Rosario and another gang member talking about his fate.

Daniele meets Bruno and tells him to pick up Manu, although they have never met each other. Daniele next calls Manu and tells her that Bruno will pick her up. Daniele then explains to Bruno that Ciro has made him kill an important person. Bruno refuses to become involved, but he offers a hiding spot on his grandmother’s lot for the night. Daniele recovers the pistol. Ciro tries to call Daniele’s phone that has been disconnected.

Ciro drives to the bar that Daniele had mentioned. He recognizes Manu from the photo that Daniele had shown and approaches her. Manu asks Ciro if he is Bruno, so Ciro claims to be him. He takes her to the abandoned building and tortures her to learn Daniele’s location. The next morning, Daniele gets a visit from Bruno, who says that he hasn’t seen or heard from Manu. Bruno urges Daniele to leave. In Spain, Conte concludes that Genny is responsible for Russo’s death and decides to return to Naples.

Daniele goes to another hideaway and calls Manu, but he only hears her voicemail. He rides to a cafe where he watches a news report about the discovery of a young woman’s burned corpse. After the reporter describes a ring that matches Manu’s ring, Daniele goes outside and vomits. He returns to his hideaway and calls Massimo, but the older brother says that he is busy at work. In tears, Daniele puts the barrel of his pistol into his mouth.


  1. This episode makes Ciro really unlikeable. Tying up and beating Manu is one thing; killing her is another thing.
  2. The writers set up the plausibility of Ciro finding Manu. Daniele shows Manu’s picture to Ciro and later describes the bar to him. From a script-writing perspective, Daniele should’ve shown a picture of Manu to Bruno instead of reminding him that he doesn’t know her. The former is more plausible and still would’ve allowed Manu to make her fateful mistake. Nonetheless, Daniele’s and Manu’s mistakes are realistic for the most part.