Tim Tan Huynh

American Sniper

2 Jul 2015

The movie, like the book, is a close-up look at modern warfare and the consequences that some face, as seen from the view of the central figure. Read post

Bush – Sixteen Stone

26 Jun 2015

Almost 19 years ago, I got Sixteen Stone. It's the first album I've ever owned and I can still see and hear it, in more ways than one. Read post

Dallas Buyers Club

25 Jun 2015

Some aspects are contrived and predictable, but overall this 2014 nominee for Best Picture lives up to the hype because of its unusual plot and charismatic leads. Read post

Scandal-less Soccer Saturday

6 Jun 2015

FIFA might be totally corrupt because of its non-profit structure, billion-dollar sponsors, and closed-door culture, but I want to follow the federation's upcoming, high-profile events and ignore its recent scandal, for now. Read post