Tim Tan Huynh

Pulp Fiction

21 Nov 2014

Quentin Tarantino's important and influential movie turns 20 this year. Its blend of the spectacular and the ordinary, with its nonlinear progression, memorable dialogue, and charismatic performances have made it iconic. Read post

The Berlin Wall

10 Nov 2014

The Berlin Wall, the most imposing and iconic structure of the Cold War era, fell 25 years ago yesterday. For people who are old enough to remember, it serves as a reminder of how different the world had been compared to now. Read post

Gomorra La Serie, episode 105

8 Nov 2014

Franco Musi, the trusted accountant of the Savastano gang, tries to fix a problem caused by his misappropriation of their money. Gennaro deals with the competing voices of his mentor and his mother, while the latter asserts control. Read post