Tim Tan Huynh

Gomorra La Serie, episode 104

16 Oct 2014

Don Pietro deals with cocaine dealers who want a better deal. Ciro continues to school Gennaro in their trade.


A group of African migrants sell cocaine at a den when one of the buyers tries to steal something. One of the migrants, Tokumbo, chases down the thief and finds the man has nothing of value. Still, the migrants decide their current situation needs to change. So, Tokumbo intentionally gets arrested by vandalizing a police cruiser responding to a fake disturbance call.

Tokumbo is taken to the same facility where Don Pietro is being detained, as intended. The former approaches the latter about the terms of their partnership in the cocaine trade: instead of an even split, Tokumbo and his group want to give only 10 percent of their earnings. Don Pietro dismisses the idea and focuses on transferring to another facility with help from his lawyer.

While Tokumbo tries to revise the deal, one of his group members makes their regular payment to Zecchinetta and Malamo at a boxing club. Don Pietro gets a visit from Imma and Gennaro, the latter of whom says the boss needs to be more realistic about his stance. Instead of being pragmatic, Don Pietro has a lackey slash the leg of a Tokumbo ally in the courtyard. Tokumbo retaliates by wounding Antonio with stabs to the back in the shower.

The warden immediately removes Don Pietro’s visit and package privileges. Two Don Pietro lackeys try a sneak attack against the Africans on a crowded stairwell, but Tokumbo and his previously wounded ally stab and wound the would-be attackers instead. Don Pietro then gets bad news and honest advice from his lawyer; his transfer request has been denied and his stance should be softer. Do your job and I’ll do mine, says the boss.

His cell overflows with water one night, whether by coincidence or intention is unclear, but in any case Don Pietro tells a pair of guards to reassign him to a cell with Tokumbo. The boss says he will accept 30 percent if Tokumbo helps with something, which turns out to be a takeover of the cell block. Under Don Pietro’s leadership, the inmates capture some guards, barricade the door, and set objects on fire. The warden immediately offers to negotiate.

Don Pietro gets his way in their meeting. Rino is reassigned to the boss’s cell block and gets a phone, which he uses to give a speech to his gang about how they will expand their reach to other cities in Italy. Don Pietro privately tells Ciro to attack the African migrants’ turf and to bring Gennaro.

Dressed as police officers, armed with automatic guns, and equipped with flashing lights, Ciro leads several others to a night spot. Gennaro, one of the two drivers, is ordered by Ciro to stay in their car and keep it running. The former becomes uneasy during the massacre and approaches the scene. Ciro herds him away and, after their escape, angrily indoctrinates the heir apparent. At home, Gennaro vomits while his mother sternly tells him to toughen up.

At the boxing club, Malamo tells their usual African contact that the massacre could have easily been against his group. Don Pietro gets worse news from his lawyer: using Rino, the warden had given a bugged phone to the boss. Because of his recorded order for the massacre, along with the cash and drugs found at his arrest, Don Pietro will be transferred to maximum-security prison.

Riding in a stretch limo with Noemi at his side, Gennaro makes a quick visit to Ciro in a run-down neighborhood. Ciro and Gennaro are happy to see each other.


  1. This episode upholds the tradition of every episode having at least one plot twist. The twist in this one is the unseen trap of the warden that implicates Don Pietro. I have to admit that the warden seemed weak when he immediately offered to negotiate during the takeover. I don’t think plot twists are important for interesting stories, but I don’t mind being surprised.
  2. The technical depiction of violence continues to impress me. The open stab wounds on Antonio’s back look painfully real.
  3. The massacre wasn’t shocking to me; sadly, it was more true-to-life than most people might realize. It reminded me of a video I saw about a month ago.


Based on the preview,

  1. Don Pietro tries to stay resilient in his new home, which clearly separates inmates and visitors.
  2. Musi plays with fire. He either collaborates with the government against Don Pietro to get a better deal with the government bonds mentioned in episode 103 or his investment fails.
  3. Gennaro impregnates Noemi, who looks more disinterested whenever she appears. The notion of a baby in the Savastano line, especially one born out of wedlock, complicates the gang situation.
  4. Imma becomes disappointed with one or both of the men in her life. She might conclude, rightly or wrongly, that Don Pietro is finished as the boss, for example. She could also hate the prospect or reality of a grandchild born to a woman whom she disapproves.

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