Tim Tan Huynh

Mad Men episode 709 – “New Business”

  • 23 Apr 2015
  • Don pursues a new relationship while facing reminders of his failed ones.

Instead of writing a summary of the episode or character arcs, I’ve written about things that come to my mind.


The New Betty

Betty mentioning that she’s planning to get a master’s degree, in psychology from Fairfield University, is interesting to me. She’s making an effort to grow her mind, which is a far cry from the Betty Draper of the earlier seasons. In “Seven Twenty Three” (307) and other episodes, Betty mentions her undergraduate degree in anthropology from Bryn Mawr.

The Manson Family

Meredith mentions the Manson Family “running around.” There’s speculation that Megan could become a victim of their infamous murder spree, but after doing some research and comparing the date of Don’s check to Megan, I’ve learned that the murders in question would’ve happened several months before this episode.

In Memory of Layne Price

Don is back in his corner-office, and he has Layne’s orange New York Mets pennant on the wall.

The Rosens

Arnold and Silvia are still Don’s neighbors, after all. Arnold mentions the CO of their son Mitchell getting married, which implies that Mitchell is serving in the military. Whether he’s in the Army or in the Air National Guard—which would’ve resulted from the efforts of Don and Ted in “Favors” (611)—is unclear.

The Beginning is the End

Pete’s rhetorical question, “What if you never get past the beginning again?” seems to negatively affect Don, even if Don’s immediate response is to tell Pete to watch the road. I don’t know about Don, but it reminds me of Faye Miller’s statement in “Tomorrowland” (413) that he only likes “the beginning of things.”

Don’s Megan’s Idea

Like Pete, Harry says something that unknowingly hits Don where it hurts. He tells Don that Megan’s decision to quit her soap opera and leave New York had been “a really dumb idea,” but Don’s decision in “In Care Of” (613) to relocate to California had been the reason for Megan’s decision in the first place.

Mrs Draper № 4

Like most people, I didn’t expect to see Diana again. Will she overcome the guilt that Don unintentionally makes her feel and become Don’s fourth wife after Anna, Betty, and Megan?

Stan the Man

I wonder if Stan will get more attention or if this episode is his swan song. For the first time ever, he’s insecure about his skills. He has a good professional and personal relationship with Peggy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he quits before the finale.

More like “New Pleasure

This episode could’ve been called “The Hookup” because Don and Diana, Stan and Pima, and Roger and Marie all get together. I’m glad that Megan walks out on her meeting with Harry, though.

Million Dollar Baby

The date on the check that Don writes to Megan is May 27, 1970. Megan doesn’t need anything from Don, besides paperwork, but I hope her story gets more attention before the end.

Mad Men 709, Don's check