Tim Tan Huynh

The New Elements

  • 4 Jan 2016
  • A handful of additions to the periodic table have been announced.

I’ve never enjoyed studying chemistry, but I like the fact that the charts and textbooks from my days in high school are obsolete, even more obsolete than they’ve become four years ago; Elements 114 and 116 have been official since 2011 (NPR), Now, four more elements will be added. The tentative names for these new elements make sense:

  1. Ununtrium(Uut) or Element 113
  2. Ununpentium (Uup) or Element 115
  3. Ununseptium (Uus) or Element 117
  4. Ununoctium (Uuo) Element 118

Propers to Dmitri Mendeleev for envisioning the periodic table that’s been a map in the world of chemistry for the past century and more.