Tim Tan Huynh

The best Bond themes that never were

  • 6 Nov 2015
  • The worldwide release of Spectre gives me a chance to post my favorite non-007 songs that have a 007 vibe.
  1. Swan Lee – “Tomorrow Never Dies”
  2. Swan Lee – “Stay Tonight”
  3. Pulp – “This is Hardcore”
  4. Portishead – “All Mine”
  5. Lana Del Ray – “Shades of Cool”

Swan Lee – “Tomorrow Never Dies” (c 1997)

This song would suit Tomorrow Never Dies, of course. It was considered for the 1997 movie, but it lost to the song by Sheryl Crow. Swan Lee, a now-disbanded group from Denmark, released this song on their 2001 album Enter. They later licensed it for use in the 2006 video game Hitman: Blood Money.

Swan Lee – “Stay Tonight” (2001)

This song would suit any movie which one of Bond’s lady-friends gets killed. That is, it would suit all of them. This song is also on the Enter album. It might be my favorite Swan Lee song.

Pulp – “This is Hardcore” (1998)

This song would suit Quantum of Solace and, to some extent, the Timothy Dalton movies. It’s the fifth track on Pulp’s album of the same name. Because the song is over six minutes, a shorter version could play with opening credits. Te full version could be the reprise for the end credits.

Portishead – “All Mine” (1997)

This song would suit any movie in which one of Bond’s lady-friends tries to kill him first. The video is endearing and unsettling at the same time. This song is the second track, and first single, from the second Portishead album, Portishead.

Lana Del Rey – “Shades of Cool” (2014)

This song would suit Casino Royale, the best Bond movie ever. Lana Del Rey gets some hate, but the opening riff uses the “James Bond chord” to great effect. This song is the third track on her second album, Ultraviolence.