Tim Tan Huynh [UX]

The Walking Dead searchlight evasion

23 Jun 2019 — The final season of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series has action sequences in which the player's mobility and visibility is limited, presumably for dramatic purposes. One sequence can be frustrating because of this limitation. Read

2017 Best Picture card and envelope

30 Mar 2017 — Presenters at the Oscars use cards that name the award winners. The 2017 cards have designs that effectively hide the foremost information, and the envelopes that hold these cards have a similar issue. Read

FIFA 16 training selection

21 Jan 2016FIFA 16 has training drills that can improve the ratings of players. The drill-selection menu indicates whether a drill is available and whether more drills are hidden. These indicators aren't obvious. Read

NBA 2K16 store promo

5 Jan 2016NBA 2K16 is a video game with a virtual store. Sometimes, a startup window promotes specific items in the store. This window is easy to dismiss, but it doesn't have a shortcut to these items or the store. Read

macOS Finder sidebar

3 Jan 2016 — The Finder windows of macOS have sidebars that list items in logical sections. These sections can toggle between expanded and collapsed states, but the toggle triggers aren't consistent and persistent. Read

Miss Universe 2015 cue card

31 Dec 2015 — Steve Harvey announced the incorrect winner of the Miss Universe 2015 contest. His cue card had an irregular layout, and other design elements, that made it confusing to interpret on live TV. Read